• Connection to sockets without seal
  • Socket connection remains
  • Reliable and durable solution
  • Resistant to 0.5 bar

Roll-Ring – for the connection of spigots from all pipe materials to sockets without seal

The Roll-Ring connects spigots from all materials to sockets without seal (e.g. clay or concrete).

By using the Roll-Ring there is no need for cutting off the socket and connecting with a flexible coupling.

The Roll-Ring is individually produced to the customer´s requirements,
to provide the right compression for effective sealing.

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Technical Specification

Roll-Ring for the connection of spigots from all pipe materials to sockets without seal.


MISSION RUBBER (UK) Ltd., Sheffield, S35 9TG, T +44 (0) 114 257 - 0040

Pressure Tightness:

0.5 bar wasser / -0.3 bar vakuum

Sealing Material:

SBR rubber according to BS EN 681-1

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +80°C, temporary max. temperature +130°C


BS EN 681-1, CE06
Article NumberReferenceDNPipe Material
Outside- Ø
Internal Socket Ø
String Strength
resistant to
500088Roll-Ring Clay DN 100 16 mm100Clay131150-160160,50,1
500089Roll-Ring Clay DN 100 18 mm100Clay131151-161180,50,1
500090Roll-Ring Clay DN 100 20 mm100Clay131152-162200,50,1
500091Roll-Ring Clay DN 100 22 mm100Clay131153-163220,50,1
500092Roll-Ring SML/PVC DN 100 32 mm100SML/PVC110156-162320,50,3
500093Roll-Ring Clay DN 125 18 mm125Clay159178-190180,50,1
500094Roll-Ring Clay DN 125 20 mm125Clay159179-191200,50,1
500095Roll-Ring Clay DN 125 22 mm125Clay159180-192220,50,1
500096Roll-Ring Clay DN 125 24 mm125Clay159181-193240,50,2
500097Roll-Ring SML DN 125 34 mm125SML135184-190340,50,3
500098Roll-Ring PVC DN 125 43 mm125PVC125184-190430,50,5
500099Roll-Ring Clay DN 150 20 mm150Clay186207-219200,50,1
500100Roll-Ring Clay DN 150 22 mm150Clay186208-220220,50,2
500101Roll-Ring Clay DN 150 24 mm150Clay186209-221240,50,2
500102Roll-Ring Clay DN 150 26 mm150Clay186210-222260,50,3
500103Roll-Ring FC DN 150 34 mm150FC176214-222340,50,4
500104Roll-Ring SML/PVC DN 150 40 mm150SML/PVC160215-223400,50,5
500105Roll-Ring Clay DN 200 22 mm200Clay242265-279220,50,2
500106Roll-Ring Clay DN 200 24 mm200Clay242266-280240,50,3
500107Roll-Ring Clay DN 200 26 mm200Clay242267-281260,50,3
500108Roll-Ring SML DN 200 46 mm200SML210275-283460,51,1
500109Roll-Ring PVC DN 200 51 mm200PVC200274-282510,51,1
  • Do not use lubricant.
    Do not use lubricant.
  • Position Roll-Ring in front of socket.
    Position Roll-Ring in front of socket.
  • Push spigot into socket.
    Push spigot into socket.
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