Extra Wide Standard Coupling

Extra Wide Standard Coupling

  • For all pipe materials
  • For above and below ground
  • Extra wide profile
  • Resistant to 2.5 bar

Extra Wide Coupling Canada TITAN XL – for safe connecting of large diameter pipes

The Extra Wide Standard Coupling connects all plain ended pipes within same or different dimensions and is compensating differences
in outside diameters of max. 12 mm. Larger differences will require the use of bushes.

The extra wide profile allows a safe and flexible laying of large diameter
pipes from DN 800.

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Extra Wide Standard Coupling
Technical Specification

Extra Wide Standard Coupling for connecting all plain ended pipe materials with different or same outside diameters for applications above and below ground. Differences in outside diameters of more than 12 mm will require the use of bushes.


MISSION RUBBER (UK) Ltd., Sheffield, S35 9TG, T +44 (0) 114 257 - 0040

Pressure Tightness:

2.5 bar wasser / -0.3 bar vakuum

Jetting Resistance:

120 bar

Corrosion Resistance:


Sealing Material:

EPDM or Nitrile (NBR) rubber with lock in place profile according to BS EN 681-1

Stainless Steel:

AISI 304/1.4301, alternatively AISI 316/1.4404 according to BS EN 10088-2

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +120°C, temporary max. temperature +160°C


BS EN 16397-2, CE15
Article NumberReferenceA
Size Range
resistant to
80000310Canada Titan MXL 310285-3103002,5135,6
80000320Canada Titan MXL 320290-3203002,5135,8
80000335Canada Titan MXL 335310-3353002,5136,0
80000350Canada Titan MXL 350325-3503002,5136,3
80000360Canada Titan MXL 360335-3603002,5136,5
80000385Canada Titan MXL 385355-3853002,5137,0
80000410Canada Titan MXL 410385-4103002,5137,4
80000430Canada Titan MXL 430400-4303002,5137,8
80000445Canada Titan MXL 445415-4453002,5138,1
80000465Canada Titan MXL 465435-4653002,5138,6
80000495Canada Titan MXL 495465-4953002,5139,0
80000510Canada Titan MXL 510480-5103002,5139,3
80000525Canada Titan MXL 525495-5253002,5139,8
80000545Canada Titan MXL 545515-5453002,51310,2
80000560Canada Titan MXL 560530-5603002,51310,7
80000570Canada Titan MXL 570540-5703002,51311,1
80000600Canada Titan MXL 600570-6003002,51311,5
80000620Canada Titan MXL 620590-6203002,51311,9
80000635Canada Titan MXL 635620-6353001,02012,3
80000650Canada Titan MXL 650635-6503001,02012,6
80000665Canada Titan MXL 665650-6653001,02013,0
80000680Canada Titan MXL 680665-6803001,02013,4
80000695Canada Titan MXL 695680-6953001,02013,8
80000700Canada Titan MXL 700670-7003001,02013,9
80000710Canada Titan MXL 710695-7103001,02014,1
80000725Canada Titan MXL 725710-7253001,02014,5
80000735Canada Titan MXL 735705-7353001,02014,9
80000740Canada Titan MXL 740725-7403001,02014,3
80000755Canada Titan MXL 755740-7553001,02014,7
80000770Canada Titan MXL 770755-7703001,02015,0
80000785Canada Titan MXL 785770-7853001,02015,3
80000800Canada Titan MXL 800785-8003001,02015,7
80000805Canada Titan MXL 805775-8053001,02016,1
80000815Canada Titan MXL 815800-8153001,02016,4
80000830Canada Titan MXL 830815-8303001,02016,8
80000845Canada Titan MXL 845830-8453001,02017,1
80000860Canada Titan MXL 860845-8603001,02017,5
80000875Canada Titan MXL 875850-8753001,02017,8
80000890Canada Titan MXL 890875-8903001,02018,1
80000905Canada Titan MXL 905890-9053001,02018,5
80000915Canada Titan MXL 915885-9153001,02018,8
80000920Canada Titan MXL 920905-9203001,02019,1
80000935Canada Titan MXL 935920-9353001,02019,5
80000950Canada Titan MXL 950935-9503001,02019,8
80000965Canada Titan MXL 965950-9653001,02020,2
80000975Canada Titan MXL 975945-9753001,02020,5
80000980Canada Titan MXL 980965-9803001,02020,9
80000995Canada Titan MXL 995980-9953001,02021,3
80001010Canada Titan MXL 1010995-10103000,62021,7
80001025Canada Titan MXL 10251010-10253000,62022,1
80001040Canada Titan MXL 10401025-10403000,62022,5
80001055Canada Titan MXL 10551040-10553000,62022,8
80001070Canada Titan MXL 10701055-10703000,62023,1
80001085Canada Titan MXL 10851070-10853000,62023,4
80001100Canada Titan MXL 11001085-11003000,62023,8
80001115Canada Titan MXL 11151100-11153000,62024,1
80001130Canada Titan MXL 11301115-11303000,62024,5
80001145Canada Titan MXL 11451130-11453000,62024,8
80001160Canada Titan MXL 11601145-11603000,62025,1
80001175Canada Titan MXL 11751160-11753000,62025,4
80001190Canada Titan MXL 11901175-11903000,62025,7
80001205Canada Titan MXL 12051190-12053000,62526,0
80001220Canada Titan MXL 12201205-12203000,62526,4
80001235Canada Titan MXL 12351220-12353000,62526,8
80001250Canada Titan MXL 12501235-12503000,62527,1
80001265Canada Titan MXL 12651250-12653000,62527,5
80001280Canada Titan MXL 12801265-12803000,62527,8
80001295Canada Titan MXL 12951280-12953000,62528,1
80001310Canada Titan MXL 13101295-13103000,62528,4
80001325Canada Titan MXL 13251310-13253000,62528,7
80001340Canada Titan MXL 13401325-13403000,62529,2
80001355Canada Titan MXL 13551340-13553000,62529,6
80001370Canada Titan MXL 13701355-13703000,62530,0
80001385Canada Titan MXL 13851370-13853000,62530,4
80001400Canada Titan MXL 14001385-14003000,62530,8
80001415Canada Titan MXL 14151400-1415300-3031,2
80001430Canada Titan MXL 14301415-1430300-3031,6
80001445Canada Titan MXL 14451430-1445300-3032,0
80001460Canada Titan MXL 14601445-1460300-3032,4
80001475Canada Titan MXL 14751460-1475300-3032,8
80001490Canada Titan MXL 14901475-1490300-3033,2
80001505Canada Titan MXL 15051490-1505300-3033,6
80001520Canada Titan MXL 15201505-1520300-3034,0
80001535Canada Titan MXL 15351520-1535300-3034,4
80001550Canada Titan MXL 15501535-1550300-3034,8
80001565Canada Titan MXL 15651550-1565300-3035,2
80001580Canada Titan MXL 15801565-1580300-3035,6
80001595Canada Titan MXL 15951580-1595300-3036,0
80001610Canada Titan MXL 16101595-1610300-3036,4
80001625Canada Titan MXL 16251610-1625300-3036,8
80001640Canada Titan MXL 16401625-1640300-3037,2
80001655Canada Titan MXL 16551640-1655300-3037,6
80001670Canada Titan MXL 16701655-1670300-3038,0
80001685Canada Titan MXL 16851670-1685300-3038,4
80001700Canada Titan MXL 17001685-1700300-3038,8
80001715Canada Titan MXL 17151700-1715300-3039,2
80001730Canada Titan MXL 17301715-1730300-3039,6
80001745Canada Titan MXL 17451730-1745300-3040,0
80001760Canada Titan MXL 17601745-1760300-3040,4
80001775Canada Titan MXL 17751760-1775300-3040,8
80001790Canada Titan MXL 17901775-1790300-3041,2
80001805Canada Titan MXL 18051790-1805300-3041,6
80001820Canada Titan MXL 18201805-1820300-3042,0
80001835Canada Titan MXL 18351820-1835300-3042,4
80001850Canada Titan MXL 18501835-1850300-3042,8
80001865Canada Titan MXL 18651850-1865300-3043,2
80001880Canada Titan MXL 18801865-1880300-3043,6
80001895Canada Titan MXL 18951880-1895300-3044,0
80011910Canada Titan MXL 19101895-1910300-3044,4
80001925Canada Titan MXL 19251910-1925300-3044,8
80001940Canada Titan MXL 19401925-1940300-3045,2
80001955Canada Titan MXL 19551940-1955300-3045,6
80001970Canada Titan MXL 19701955-1970300-3046,0
80001985Canada Titan MXL 19851970-1985300-3046,4
80002000Canada Titan MXL 20001985-2000300-3046,8
  • Position plain ended pipes.
    Position plain ended pipes.
  • Slide coupling over one plain end.
    Slide coupling over one plain end.
  • Center coupling over joint. Tighten clamps and shear band reciprocally.
    Center coupling over joint. Tighten clamps and shear band reciprocally.
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