Jointing Element BKL

Jointing Element BKL

  • Joint integrated in concrete manholes
  • Polystyrene supporting element
  • Joint system F
  • Resistant to 0.5 bar

BKL Jointing Element – for the connection of clay pipes to concrete manholes and road gullies

The BKL Jointing Element is integrated into concrete manholes or road gullies (socket L, joint system F) when manufactured.

To get the necessary space for installation, the BKL Jointing Element is installed together with a polystyrene supporting element.

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Jointing Element BKL
Technical Specification

BKL Jointing Element including polystyrene supporting element according to BS EN 295-4 for the connection of clay pipes (joint system F) to concrete manholes or road gullies according to BS 4034 and BS EN 1917.


MISSION RUBBER (UK) Ltd., Sheffield, S35 9TG, T +44 (0) 114 257 - 0040

Pressure Tightness:

0.5 bar

Sealing Material:

EPDM rubber according to BS EN 681-1

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +120°C, temporary max. temperature +160°C


BS EN 295-4, CE06
Article NumberReferenceL
resistant to
36065150BKL DN 150 incl. supporting element type 1380,50,2
36065151BKL DN 150 incl. supporting element type 2380,50,2
36065200BKL DN 200 incl. supporting element380,50,3
  • Remove polystyrene from socket.
    Remove polystyrene from socket.
  • Apply lubricant to BKL joint.
    Apply lubricant to BKL joint.
  • Push pipe into socket.
    Push pipe into socket.
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