Joint for Road Gullies

Joint for Road Gullies

  • For Road Gullies (wet sludge trap)
  • Excellent damping behaviour
  • Protection of concrete gully
  • Resistant to 0.5 bar

JOINT – for concrete road gullies

The Joint DN 450 is used for concrete road gullies with a wet sludge trap according to DIN 4052.

The Joint is positioned on the gully rings and is compressed
between them.

A better damping behavior is achieved, hence resulting in a longer life circle of the concrete road gully. The traffic loads can be absorbed more constantly.

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Joint for Road Gullies
Technical Specification

Joint DN 450 for the connection of gully rings for concrete road gullies with a wet sludge trap according to BS 4052.


MISSION RUBBER (UK) Ltd., Sheffield, S35 9TG, T +44 (0) 114 257 - 0040

Pressure Tightness:

0.5 bar

Sealing Material:

EPDM rubber according to BS EN 681-1

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +120°C, temporary max. temperature +160°C


BS 4052, CE06
Article NumberReferenceRoad GullySystemL Length (mm)resistant to (bar) Weight (kg)
12045030Joint DN 450according to DIN 4052360.51.0
  • Clean sealing surface.
    Clean sealing surface.
  • Insert Joint.
    Insert Joint.
  • Push gully rings together.
    Push gully rings together.
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