Non-Rattle Ring

Non-Rattle Ring

  • Avoids rattling of manhole covers
  • Protects the entire manhole
  • Rigid shape (hardness 90 IRHD)
  • Long-Life through EPDM mold

Non-Rattle-Ring – avoids rattling of damaged manhole covers

The Non-Rattle-Ring avoids rattling of old damaged manhole covers.

Through the EPDM rubber hardness of 90 IRHD a long-term protection against rattling is achieved.

The rigidness of the Non-Rattle-Ring allows an easy installation.

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Non-Rattle Ring
Technical Specification

Non-Rattle-Ring for the protection of damaged manhole covers against rattling.

Int. Dimension        Ext. Dimension    Manhole Cover
600 mm                     665 mm                  BS 4290 (Class B)
600 mm                     682 mm                  BS 19584 (Class D, E, F)                                                                                                      Ö-Norm B 5110


MISSION RUBBER (UK) Ltd., Sheffield, S35 9TG, T +44 (0) 114 257 - 0040

Sealing Material:

EPDM rubber according to BS EN 681-1, hardness 90 IRHD

Temperature Resistance:

-40°C to +120°C, temporary max. temperature +160°C


BS EN 681-1, CE06
Article NumberReferenceClassA
Ext. Dimension
Int. Dimension
resistant to
7060066AKR DIN 4290B66660020,50,1
7060068AKR DIN 19584 & Ö-NormD, E, F68260020,50,2
7002050AKR-Strip 50 mm wide---20,50,1
  • Clean cover frame.
    Clean cover frame.
  • Insert Non-Rattle-Ring.
    Insert Non-Rattle-Ring.
  • Pull cover back in.
    Pull cover back in.
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