Advanced Bolting System

All of Missions large diameter couplings (from MSC 635) and all extra wide couplings are fitted with the all new innovative advanced bolting system. Choosing the right clamp type (hi-torque, medium duty or bolted) and applying the right tightening torque is essential for large diameter couplings.

The bolting system is manufactured from stainless steel grade 1.4401 (AISI 316). It is positioned on the EPDM rubber sleeve and ensures the necessary compression to form a permanently sealed joint.

The purpose of this new development is to make the installation of the coupling to the pipe considerably quicker and much easier. The new bolting system has been engineered so that the sledge runs through the header casing, eliminating any protrusion of the bolt head.
This enables the installer to use a standard 13mm socket wrench which will reduce installation
time by more than 50%.

Compared to other bolting systems, the advanced Mission bolting systems offers the following advantages:

  •  Even better sealing performance by wider clamps
  •  Easier installation by sledge system running through header
  •  Twice as quick to install than standard systems
  •  No special tools required, just use a standard 13 mm socket wrench
  •  Less risk of injury, therefore more health and safety conscious 


advanced bolting system